Performance Opportunities

We participate in a variety of performance events throughout the course of the year.  Students of all ages and ability levels have the opportunity to participate in formal recitals and auditions, as well as fun, informal get togethers throughout the year.

Holiday Recital

  • Get ready for the holidays with this inspiring recital made up of solos, duets and ensembles of Holiday music.
  • Held the first part of December

Spring Recital

  • Students play one memorized piece (chosen from festival pieces)
  • Show parents what they have worked on in their musical “club”
  • Receive year end prizes – trophies, medals, composer statues, etc.


  • Every March we participate in the National Federation of Music Clubs yearly Festival
  • This is a non-competitive evaluation of your child’s skills
  • The main reason I love this organization is that every year you have to be on a different level.  You are consistently moving up in your piano playing ability.
  • Trophy Program.  It takes 15 points to earn a trophy.  You can earn a max of 5 points a year.  3 years to earn a trophy?  Absolutely.  And when they hit a wall at the end of 2 years of lessons because suddenly they’ve realized it’s hard to play the piano – guess what – they keep going that year because they want that trophy!  And guess what else – they’ve jumped over the “it’s too hard” phase.  What usually happens?  They continue on to earn the next trophy.

Informal GetTogethers

  • Performance Class – students only.  This class helps students learn how to play in front of other people in a very low key, fun atmosphere.
  • Group Troupe (ensemble) members get together to rehearse